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Tax Services

Tax Services

What makes us different…

  • Loans are approved even with poor credit*
  • Open late and on bank holidays during tax season, check with location for hours
  • We will get you the MAXIMUM income tax refund you are entitled to.
  • We prepare prior year returns & amended returns



Blank tax forms…


2022 Tax Refund Loan Application

2022 Fee Schedule

2022 Description of Tax Refund Loan Program

2022 Business Hours

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Where’s my refund?

Check Status: Federal | Ohio | West Virginia | Kentucky

Where's My Amended Return?

Amended Return Information

Child Tax Credit 

IRS Child Tax Credit Update Portal


Taxpayer Advocate Information

Taxpayer Advocate Information

Other handy IRS links…

IRS Website | Past Tax Records (Transcripts) | IRS Office Locator | What to do if you receive a letter than you’re being audited

Stay safe…

Report Phishing & Scams | Known Scams | Accessibility


*Excludes past due debts to a government agency or US Treasury or unless you have a debt that would keep your tax refund